It All Started Long Ago,

We have decades of experience in the hospitality and natural/alternative health industries. Covering everything from owner, director of operations and trainers to licensed practioners and certified CBD consultants. Cafe Blue Dream is a culmination of years of training and hard work.


CBD for the Body + Mind

We all have endocannabinoid system receptors that interact or link with phytocannabinoids (cbd) receptors, its this process that allows the adaptogenic properties of CBD help each of use in a way the unique to our selves. Which is why CBD is so versatile, it helps each person in a way that person needs to be helped.  


Advanced Knowledge & Licensed Practitioners 

Each of our team members is a certified CBD consultants and/or licensed health practitioner.  We have weekly and monthly informative Q&A sessions and you can book a 30 min consultations.